Thermia Diplomat Optimum
Manufacturer: Thermia

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Minimal energy consumption thanks to optimum speed control

Thermia Diplomat Optimum has speed control, which means that its performance can be continuously adjusted to the prevailing requirements and conditions. Optimum control creates ideal conditions for pump operation. That gives maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption, second by second, hour by hour.

The high annual efficiency, which is a measurement of the heat pump’s efficiency over the whole year, means that you can reduce your heating costs by more than 75 percent.

The hot water tank incorporates TWS technology, which means that the hot water is produced faster and at higher temperatures than with traditional technologies. As the hot water is diluted to tap water temperature, the volume of usable hot water is considerably higher due to the high temperature.

The pump utilises rock, surface ground, ground water and lake water as its heat sources. Read more about how a geothermal heat pump works.

Using the Thermia Online optional feature, you can control your heat pump via the Internet. In the unlikely event that something needs rectifying, you will be alerted automatically via SMS text message or e-mail.

*) Tested according to EN14511 at BOW35 (including circulation pumps)




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