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A revolutionary material made from reconstituted cellulose and water – and nothing else! A patented process converts cellulose fibres into a strong wood-like substance capable of being formed into an unlimited range of products. ZEOFORM is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable and ‘lock’s up’ carbon molecules from waste into beautiful, functional forms.

ZEOFORM™ is a ‘game-changing’ technology that will generate a new global industry – much like plastic did in the post-war years. A ubiquitous, eco-friendly material used on all continents in nearly all industries to produce endless, innovative consumer products. The collective attainment of this vision will undoubtedly help transform planet Earth into a more balanced and sustainable environment for all.

From early adoption to mass-market proliferation, ZEOFORM products will spark an exciting global trend in design and application, just as plastics glimpsed the future and transformed society from the 1950′s onward.

As an enterprise, ZEOFORM is envisioned to represent a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide within a 10-year period. As manufacturers convert from using traditional (unsustainable) raw materials to ZEOFORM, innumerable new product categories will develop for eco and style-conscious consumers. Ultimately ZEOFORM will help revolutionise how everyday products are designed, made, used and disposed of.



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