Most sustainable island of world .. made of recycled bottles
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Using over 250 thousand bottles, called the Joyxee Island, the place is very sturdy and takes the garbage dumped in nature.

When you hear about recycling water bottles many of us immediately picture bottles being sent to a recycling plant, but for one man his idea of recycling water bottles gave him his private oasis.

Richart “Rishi” Sowa isn’t your typical homebuilder. In late 2007 he began building an island named “Joyxee Island” in the waters of Isla Mujeres near Cancun that floats on over 250,000 plastic bottles.

Since 2007 he has added to the island’s size which now boasts three beaches, two ponds and an array of off-the-grid solutions to make life on the island comfortable and sustainable. He built a washing machine on the island that cleans clothes by rolling with the waves. He cooks his food with a solar cooker and gets his water supply from a rain collection system and he generates electricity from solar panels.

On the island he grows mangroves, bananas, spinach, almonds and tomatoes. The roots of the vegetation help to strengthen the structural integrity of the island. He shares the island with his cats, dog, chickens and a duck. Richart’s goal is to “one day sail out into the ocean and become a floating country.”

While this story probably far exceeds the ideas many of us have for living small and sustainable, it’s a nice reminder that the way we live is only limited by our imagination.



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