In July European Commission has accepted the notification of KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute Inc. for several important directives. KONČAR – Institute has thus by scope of notification become one of the greatest notified certification bodies in Europe such as VDE from Germany, DNV from Norway and SIQ from Slovenia.

The task of notified bodies (NBs) is to assist manufacturers in conformity assessment and certification of their products in accordance with European standards and directives, before CE marking and placing on EU market. KONČAR - Institute is a NB for low voltage equipment, machinery, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio and telecommunications terminal equipment, appliances burning gaseous fuels, pressure equipment and personal protective equipment.

KONČAR – Institute is also an accredited certification body for equipment and procedures not covered by European directives, e.g. high-voltage equipment, connection equipment, corrosion protection and IP-protection. It is also equipped for conformity assessment of construction products. Accredited certification schemes of KONČAR - Institute enable conformity assessments and certification of products intended for markets other than EU that are made in accordance with ISO and IEC standards or manufacturer specifications.



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