Hydroelectric power projects surges in the Philippines
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Hydroelectric power plants are an attractive investment in the Philippines right now. This is because eight, mini hydroelectric plants are set to be constructed in the country this 2014. The new energy facilities will be built in order to make the Philippines fully fueled by renewable energy in 2024.

Hydrotec Renewables is the company behind the construction of mini hydroelectric power plants. It will be applying a new technology called Sustainable Small Hydro Approach, which will allow the company to gather data from the power plants’ surroundings. With the Sustainable Small Hydro Approach, Hydrotec Renewables will be able to avoid cutting down trees and disrupting wildlife during the power plants’ construction. The company will be investing around $60 million in the facilities.

In a statement made by the Department of Energy, the Philippines’ hydropower energy is expected to provide a total capacity of 5,468MW. The combined power plants will be more powerful than Oyster, which is hydro-electric wave energy currently being developed in Scotland. Similar to the Philippines’ eight hydroelectric power plants, investors are also looking at Oyster as a potential investment including Severn Glocon, an associate of Middle Eastern oil and gas services company Unaoil.

“Any kind of renewable, ecological friendly produced electricity is an essential contribution to the protection of our environment and nature for forthcoming generations, and it will stabilize or lower electricity prices,” said Hannes Mueller, Managing director of Hydrotec Renewables. “The major benefit of our projects is the average annual contribution of hundreds of megawatt-hours of clean electricity to the Philippine grid, reduction of brownouts, avoiding thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions and a significant reduction of the import, and dependence of crude oil and the operation of environment polluting carbon and diesel plants.” The typhoons in 2013 caused a major dent in the nation’s power grid and caused damages to energy facilities. The construction of more clean energy sources will be a vital step to the revitalization of the communities affected by the calamities.



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