Do You Know What the top 5 Green Jobs are for 2014?
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Here are the top 5 green jobs for 2014 and what you need to do to make next year the greenest (most Eco-friendly).

1) Solar Panel Installer: This career area is set on fire the charts as the demand for solar power devices has intensely increased among homeowners in recent times. The devices are becoming cheaper to make, and they truly can save residents on electricity costs. A post-secondary certificate can lead you to a starting salary of about $35,000 a year.

2) Electric Car Engineer: As gas prices fail to drop anytime soon, many people are getting tired of paying for the “black gold” and are looking to the rechargeable batteries and advancing technologies of electric vehicles. A four-year bachelor’s degree can lead you to a median annual wage of close to $90,000 a year.

3) Green Home Designer: With home design and staging gaining more popularity (just think about all of the home renovation shows on television), going green is the new trend. If you can hop on this creative eco-design bandwagon, you’re setting yourself up for a very in-demand interior design career. Earning your bachelor’s degree in interior design and becoming Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified can lead you to a salary of up to about $64,000 a year.

4) Green Architect: You can bet that any new building that is constructed this year will abide by eco-friendly standards, with most cities requiring some level of LEED-equivalent performance—particularly in chief projects. If you’re creative and like working with math, then this career field can be lucrative, with a potential salary of about $73,000 a year—with just a bachelor’s degree.

5) Environmental Research Analyst: If you like working with figures and helping organizations to make effective decisions, then doing so with a focus on environmental finance and climate change initiatives may be just what will woo you in 2014. Grab hold of a bachelor’s degree, and expect a median wage of about $71,000 a year.



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